"I became the Honorary Secretary of CSES back in 1973, taking over from Eric Payne who had personally known and worked with Signor Marconi himself. This connection through Chelmsford's illustrious engineering history is, I feel, something that continues to underpin the vigour of the young, bright talented mathematicians, scientists, technologists and engineers who live, study, work and innovate here. That is why I sponsor CSES: to help it to flourish and positively influence the future careers of our technology and engineering students.

"I now run my own consultancy company, still based in Essex and built on my worldwide reputation and standing of over 35 years. This is perhaps a good example of the maxim 'think globally, act locally': a business model very much in keeping with the history and spirit of CSES, and the international importance of Chelmsford and Essex in engineering."

Dr Stephen Castell