Nanotechnology: Why is small different, and useful?

Date: Thursday, 15 March 2018 19:00 - 21:00

Venue: Anglia Ruskin University (Mab 221)  |  City: Chelmsford, United Kingdom

Speaker: Dr Mark Baxendale (Reader in Nanotechnology, School of Physics and Astronomy, Queen Mary University of London)

Dr Baxendale will explain what is special about what has become known as the nanoscale – the scale corresponding to that of large molecules – and will address the questions of how and why we would like to make useful things on this scale. Humans have been producing nanotechology for millennia without knowing it. We will look at some examples to see how we can use the principles that ancient people unknowingly uncovered, and that the evolutionary process has selected, to make useful things for the future.

Refreshments will be available before the talk from 18:30.



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  • Thursday, 15 March 2018 19:00 - 21:00