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Imagine! STEM @ Home

A DIY Imagine! STEM competition during lockdown

We are pleased to publish our Imagine! masterclasses for Essex 2020 online.

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Bridge building competition

The CSES Build a Bridge Competition is now closed and we thank all those who made the effort and took the time to submit an entry. With entries across a very wide age range, judging proved to be very difficult, but the quality of effort throughout and ingenuity applied to the challenge by everyone has been beyond our imagination! Well done to all participants.

In order to recognise the spectrum of skills applied across the entries, the judging team decided to award the following prizes:

We found that a number of often excellent entries could not be considered for a prize because wrong materials were used (e.g. corrugated cardboard), which can make the challenge too easy, or the span of the bridge was less than 30 cm. (The span of a bridge is the distance between two supporting columns, not the total length of the bridge).

However, to acknowledge and commemorate all entries, a personalised CSES Certificate of Entry will be sent all participants.

Prize winners will be contacted by 2 October 2020, and names of all participants and winners will be published here on the CSES Website.

The Imagine! STEM team is planning another fun and practical STEM Challenge competition for tackling at home or at school: watch out for more information and details coming soon.