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Ideas for school and home

Ideas for school and home

Here you will find ideas for and information about activities in which students can get involved, both in and out of school. This is aimed at students, teachers, parents/carers and careers advisors alike.

Please contact the Webmaster to provide additional ideas, to tell us about broken links, and to share your experience of any of these activities.

STEM clubs and projects

Set up a Young Engineers Club at your school.

This is an organisation which supports schools in encouraging students to get involved with engineering. Their website contains lots of ideas for STEM activities and competitions and support includes bursaries for clubs.

Set up a STEM Club at your school or join the CSES Imagine! STEM Club (out of school).

You could take part in a STEM Challenge or any of the other activities listed on this page. Funding for STEM Clubs is available from CSES via the STEM Club Bursary.

Run an engineering scheme in your school such as:

Do a project at home or school leading to a CREST award.

Events and exhibitions

Attend one of our Engineering our Future or My Smarter Essex events (usually aimed at years 9-13).

Find details of upcoming CSES events for schools and families here.

Invite external providers in to run STEM events at your school such as:


Encourage your students to take part in STEM competitions such as:


Promote and support your students in applying for residential engineering courses such as:

Scholarships and bursaries

Placements and work experience

Promote and support your students in applying for engineering placements such as:

STE(A)M resources

If you're looking for things to do at home, or projects to run at school, the following resources and organisations may help you:

We are also pleased to be able to publish a selection of our Imagine! Masterclasses as self-guided tutorial and activity packs: see the attachments at the end of this article.

Also, check out our STEM Links section for organisations who can help further.

Trips and tours

Run trips to places such as:

  • The National Space Centre
  • The Science Museum
  • Local engineering companies
  • The annual national Big Bang Fair
  • University events
Download this file (cses_imagine_2020_05_machines_bridges_V3_1.pdf)Simple Machines and Bridges[CSES Imagine! Masterclass: Simple Machines and Bridges]533 kB

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